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Are you Klever, Saucy, and Sincere?

Do you want to write for us? We’d love to hear from you.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Check out our categories – submit original work only. If you have previously published your content elsewhere, including your blog – this is not considered original content.
  2. Links within the article are good – if they match the content.
  3. We will promote your work on all our social media platforms – we request the same from you, this cross over / cross traffic is of great benefit to both parties.
  4. KSS will have your article professionally edited and imaged. We also create a board for pinterest, that we provide to you free.
  5. Your article will be checked for plagiarism.
  6. We love humor – in any category and topic – if you want to tackle a difficult subject with a humorous twist or if you just enjoy writing funny articles, we will be excited to read it.

Our pay structure is as follows via paypal. In a thirty day time frame:

0 – 499 unique page views – $0.00

500 – 999 unique page views – $10.00

1000 – 1499 unique page views – $15.00

1500 – 1999 unique page views – $20.00

2000+ unique page views – $25.00

We look forward to reading your submissions. Happy Writing!


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