Cookie Lyon: One Tough Cookie


Empire, the hip-hop drama in its second season, focuses on the Lyon family as they fight for control over their entertainment company.  In the forefront is the mother of the family, Cookie Lyon. She’s feisty, strong, and not afraid to speak her mind… and we love her for that. With Empirefever taking over the country, let’s see what we can all take away from this tough Cookie.

Spoilers Ahead

taraji-p-henson-inline-8 (1)Cookie Lyon (played by Taraji P. Henson) had us hooked as soon as we saw her step out of jail in that white fur coat and leopard print dress. She’s a total boss and we love it. Now, we’re not saying you should go around beating people with brooms, but there are some characteristics that we can all admire about Cookie.

First of all, she’s tough. But then again, spending 17 years in prison will do that to a person. She’s not afraid to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. She doesn’t back down to groups of thugs or her ex-husband… and when challenged to drink toe to toe with some gangsters? You better believe she can handle herself.

The main reason Cookie caught so much attention from the first moment we saw her was the fact that she’s not afraid to speak her mind. If she has something to say, we know damn well that she’s going to say it. She doesn’t apologize for her candidness or her, sometimes unwanted, opinion. If she doesn’t like your new girlfriend, you will know it. Yes, Lucious, we’re talking to you.

She’s also incredibly smart. When it comes to her family business, Cookie isn’t one to let the men do all the talking. She built Empire Entertainment from the ground up and she isn’t about to let it go under. Being smart about what her business needs and having the gall to actually pull it off makes her a bit of an inspiration. She’s a businesswoman and she doesn’t mind ruffling a few feathers or beating a bitch down to do what’s right for the company. Hey, we never said she was totally ethical.

She’ll always stand her ground. When Cookie makes a decision, she stands by it. Like when she decided Anika was a threat to her family and made it very clearly known. She makes sure to stick by her choice, whether it’s because she’s stubborn or just determined. Having an opinion is one thing, but sticking to it is another. She can’t be swayed by kind words or seduction, which is totally admirable.

Over everything, Cookie’s there for one thing, family. She loves her family and she’s sacrificed for them, provided for them, and went to bat for them when they needed it most. Her love and selflessness for her family is probably one of her most admirable qualities. And hey, sometimes family gets out of line and she needs to smarten them up, maybe with a broom… or a pillow? But hey, isn’t that what families are for? (No, they’re not, just so we’re clear.)

The best part about Cookie is that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. Not a single bit. She knows who she is and she won’t apologize for it. We can admire her confidence because we know how much it’s taken her to get there. So when she shows up to a family dinner in full lingerie, it’s just more of a reason to love her. And we can only hope we look half as good as Cookie does while throwing mass amounts of shade.

We definitely won’t defend her actions or call her morally correct. Hell, we can’t even say we agree with most of what she stands for. But there are traits that make her good. You can recognize the struggles that got her to where she is and learn from the mistakes she’s made. What do you think; are Cookie’s actions too terrible to see the good in her anymore? Or have you found inspiration in her confident demeanor and street smarts? Subscribe, share, and let us know in the comments what you think about the infamous Cookie Lyon.

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