Movie Night Snack Attack


October officially heralds not only the holiday season, but also the season of holiday movies! From a Halloween fright-fest to a cuddly Christmas Eve with Love Actually, this time of year is my favorite excuse to snuggle up for a romantic night in with Ryan Gosling. Sadly, along with holidays come the naughty-nice snacks we struggle to avoid all year, and no good movie marathon or cinema visit comes without some munchies. Swap that greasy buttery popcorn for some of these tasty alternatives to feel better on the inside, not to mention look stunning in your favorite holiday party dress.

First of all, you can still indulge in a little:


Everyone’s go-to movie snack actually contains healthy fiber, whole grains and antioxidants. The trick is to stick to oil-free home popped kernels, skip the butter and garnish with low-calorie seasonings like pepper, chili powder, cinnamon, Stevia… whatever flavor you’re craving! Just make sure to use salt in moderation, sodium is nobody’s friend.

Raw Almonds
These delightful little nuggets are the perfect combination of crunchy, chewy and crumbly, and delicious to boot. A handful of 14 will cost you just 99 calories (!!) which includes a ton of protein, Vitamin E, magnesium and copper, plus the healthy kind of fatty acids for a healthy heart. Plus, munching on one at a time gives that snacky satisfaction you usually find in a bag of Doritos.

A cup of this sugary deliciousness is 64 calories, half your daily Vitamin C needs, tons of Vitamin K & E, folate, potassium, iron, manganese, antioxidants… and that’s an abridged list! These berries are one of the best, lowest calories and most nutritionally dense ways to indulge that sweet tooth.

A bunch (hehe) of Vitamin B12, Vitamin K and copper for 104 calories a cup. The only thing missing is Ryan to peel them for you. A girl can dream.

granola-642832_640Natural Low Fat Greek Yogurt
Packed with protein and probiotics (among a million other benefits!), this superfood is a great snack to mix-and-match. 100g is around 80 calories, and with just an added sprinkle of almonds, raspberries, natural honey or coconut, it could easily rival a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.


Your favorite Protein Bars / Cookies / Bites
A no brainer! Especially if you’re winding down after a workout, your usual calorie-controlled protein replacement is a great sub for movie theatre candy, and (thankfully) usually comes in a decadent flavor like Chocolate Brownie or Cookies & Cream.

Celery and Natural Peanut Butter
Look, I’ll admit we’d all prefer these crunchy greens were Oreos, a la LiLo in The Parent Trap (ooh, let’s add that to the lineup), but the extra vitamins and nutrients are a good compromise, and they’re pretty damn tasty in their own right. Depending on your preferred brand of peanut butter, these come to just around 100 calories per serve.

Is there anything more refreshing? I like to think of these as sweet, crunchy hunks of nutrient water – which is basically verbatim from health experts! Rich in antioxidants, amino acids, Vitamin A, C and B6… it’s hard to believe the fruit is really 92 percent water and only 87 calories per wedge. Pro tips for added deliciousness: sprinkle with a small amount of salt (I know it’s weird, but trust me) or blend and freeze into all-natural popsicles.

So snuggle up, veg out and just relax knowing both your body and your waistline will actually thank you for this little night-in indulgence. And blow the ‘Gos a kiss from me.

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  1. Yum! Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks. I can honestly say though that I have never considered eating watermelon as a movie snack – sounds a bit messy to me.

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