Obstacle Race: New Year’s Resolution?


“This year I am going to get in shape”. It’s one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and probably one the least followed through. Many people struggle to achieve a goal when there is no pressure attached to it (if you don’t lose 15 pounds by June, who’s really going to know but you?) That is why the commitment to running an obstacle race is the perfect resolution to make, especially if you challenge a friend to do it with you!

Obstacle races can vary greatly in difficulty, so whatever your current fitness level, you can absolutely be ready to run one by summer. Do some research into the races you have available in your area (watch for my article on this topic in the coming months!), and once you’ve decided, sign up right away before you can change your mind. Many of the main organizations such as Spartan even have helpful training routines for free right on their websites.

You will need to focus on a variety of aspects of health in order to be ready for your race such as cardio endurance, strength, and proper nutrition. Keeping these aspects as priority instead of just the number on the scale can help you keep a healthy mindset while getting in shape as well.

The added pressure of a solid deadline (aka race day), plus having a fun way to show off all your hard work, is a great way to make the same old New Year’s resolution a little more inspiring, and to keep your fitness motivation going past January!

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Kassy Possberg
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Kassy Possberg enjoys weightlifting, obstacle racing, and jogging with her dog Jacob. In the summer you can find her camping and quadding all over Alberta, and in winter you can find her reading a good book. She is a food lover and an avid meal prepper, which helps keep her on track despite her substantial sweet tooth!
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