Workout Clothes: What is with the NEON?!?!


workoutWhen did women’s active wear become a neon nightmare? With summer approaching, and the dreaded swimsuit season looming, I decided to get some new work out wear to help motivate me into exercising. I scanned the aisles looking for a pair of workout pants, and my eyes were assaulted with bubble gum pinks, lime greens, and construction cone oranges all of which looked as if they would glow in the dark. The last thing I want to do is to call attention to loose skin and bulging problem areas by clothing them in ridiculous colors. Nor do I want a magic eye pattern stretched across my ample rear end. Where do you find workout clothes that aren’t meant to be seen from space?

workoutWhile there are a few tasteful options which won’t blind people, I also have a hard time finding functional workout clothes. I have thrown out dozens of sports bras after the elastic has gone soft from frequent washing and pants torn from minor brushes with the elements while hiking. A very expensive pair of running shorts was tossed aside when I went for a long run one afternoon only to have the seam rub my thigh raw leaving a nasty gash which took forever to heal. Shorts always seem to be the most difficult item to buy. I can’t ever find a flattering pair not to mention the massive wedgies which seem to be a side effect of every pair I have ever owned. It’s enough to make a women swear off exercise all together. How can you workout when every movement is restricted by ill fitting, uncomfortable spandex?

workoutI’m not fooled by the commercials featuring young, toned women bouncing around in a cute little matching outfit as if exercise is the most enjoyable thing in the world. Who likes exercise that much? Also who wears makeup and has perfect sleek ponytails with no fly-a ways? It certainly isn’t me. I sweat, I smell, the short hairs in my hairline curl and frizz like pubic hair. When I workout, I am focused on giving it my all not looking like I just left a photo shoot. I need clothes to keep me dry and fabric to hold up to the elements. Can I run three hours in the sports bra without the material feeling as if it will rip off my nipples like a cheese grater? Will the pants hold up during the occasional fall during a hike or will the butt wear out exposing my underwear as I hit the trails? How about yoga pants that won’t showcase every embarrassing area that gathers sweat? Where do you find active clothes to keep up with actual activity?


I am always eager to try new brands and products, but I always find myself going back to my trusted favorites. Danskin® has a great line of active wear with soft feminine colors and breathable material designed to move with a woman. I have been wearing this brand since I was about six years old running around in my pink tights and black leotard dancing my way through my living room. The company has been around since 1882 providing dance wear to dancers in NYC. Originating from the dance world, every product has been designed to provide effortless support specifically for the needs of a woman’s body. It has become a major brand accommodating the active woman and providing clothing that stays put during movement without be restrictive. Their clothing also has moisture wicking capabilities as well as UV protection. It has been one of my go to brand for workout clothes.


My other favorite brand is Under Armour®. This company has pretty much everything you could need for working out, but I love their different technologies created to keep people comfortable in their work out regardless of the climate. This is the only brand I use to work out in during the long cold winters. With their Coldgear® Infrared I can stay warm during a snowy run without wearing bulky clothes that weigh me down and compromise my abilities. The endless line of sports bras is also one of the reasons I love this brand. For a women, a good sports bra is a major part of a successful workout. Under Armour® has a variety of styles and colors to support women of all shapes, and make working out suck just a little less.

These are some of my favorite brands to keep me motivated to stay in shape. It is all about comfort. What is your biggest complaint about workout clothes? Have you found a brand to support all your needs?

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1 Comment on Workout Clothes: What is with the NEON?!?!

  1. Brenda Humphries // January 10, 2017 at 1:30 am // Reply

    I bought my first set of workout clothes from a big department chain shop. A low-end chain shop. So I happily paid the very low price, just in case I couldn’t keep up with my high ideals.
    Black pants trimmed with lime green (as you mentioned) and a lime green top trimmed with swirls of hot pink, that covered my bulging tummy. Well, magic happened as soon as I put the outfit on. I instantly felt slimmer, fitter, healthier and beautiful!
    I raced out into the lounge room, grabbed my hand weights, put on my amazing Leslie Sansone ‘Walk Away The Pounds’ CD, and I got stuck into it.
    When I do the workout in my pyjamas, I never feel the same. I feel fatter, slower, and not beautiful.
    So, I think there is something magical that is woven into the brightly coloured lycra. Hang on, I think I’ll just run and put them on and feel fitter, lighter and healthier again 🙂

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